Monday, March 16, 2009

Eating Movies

I believe that it is important to eat movies. This is not unusual. This is in keeping with my general idea that we should eat things in life in general. We should eat the cars we ride in, the music drifting down the hall, the broken dish, our hat, our friend’s hat.

We should eat the Bible and we should eat conversations. We should eat looks and glances. We should eat shoes and trees and house and pain and loneliness and the laundry piling up in the corner.

We should eat our lunch.

That is to say we should not let these things slip by. We should not swallow them with our nose plugged and a large glass of water. They should not slip through our bodies, our digestive system unawares.

We need these things.

We need and loneliness and emptiness and frustration. We need love and coincidence and time. We need need.

Whatever is around you, you need. Grab it up, like Robinson Crusoe after the wreck.

Because whatever is around you, is telling you something. Something you need to hear, something you need to know, on a gut level.

About the level of your stomach. So please, for God’s sake, eat up.

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