Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Love Film!

My wallpaper right now:
I just got a chance to look at some pictures that my sister, cousin, friend Ben and I took around Christmas break, and I find myself again completely swept away. As I always do when I get to experience film. I mean look how beautiful it is! Even with grain. I'll take film grain over pixilation any day of the week.


Katie said...

They are great pictures.

Midsummer said...

Glad you like them. I think they pushed the film. (bad thing you know) and that it has more grain then it should. But all in all they did turn out nice. It was a good day.

BDT said...

Fun day. I miss you.

mr. Tim said...

Yeah, film grain looks so real. I was commenting on Midsummer's facebook, saying how this image looks so great. I love how different film is to digital. Digital cameras will never have the same affect/feel/look as film. Great image!

BDT said...

Dear Andrew,
Have you died? has someone cut off your hands? Are you living in the world of Shakespeares Titus? If you are I pity you. If not, why have you kept your thoughts to yourself. I miss Grateful Tuesday. I miss your sketches. I miss you random reflections on things. So please, for the love of us little ones, please share your thoughts on this here blog.
Obsessively yours,
Your Devoted Fans