Thursday, September 11, 2008

Putting the music of Joel Clarkson to work...

This is for a sermon that our Pastor preached recently. The topic was "Submission", and, as you can see, the overall theme that we are going through, is relationships.

The song is "In the Shadow of the Mountain", by my good friend Joel Clarkson. You can hear that song and others, at his website.

Here is one from much earlier. This is one of the first sermon videos I did, and the theme was on the Fatherhood of God. The series was "Treasures of God." Once again, the music is by Joel Clarkson.

UPDATE: Here is a much better version of it then I had previously uploaded. The audio was off on the old one (annoying when timing of music is one of the only things you have going for your project; when the elements of your project are so sparse, that timing with music is one of the few you are relying on.)

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Anonymous said...

Boy howdy! I'm on the web. Wha'dya know! Thanks for the mention! The videos are very cool.

Also, an email is imminent in the coming days. Be heedful. :)