Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25 2008

Today I am jumping with my left foot.
I am reading books this summer.


Katie said...

Which ones? Have you ever read Travels with Charley. Did I loan you that? Its a classic.

Foolish Knight said...

I have not read Travels with Charley. I have not read the other book you lent me either (I'd type it out, but I don't know how to spell "Samuri").

I am a terrible person!

What am I reading?

Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin! It's like a fairy tale, mixed with... I don't know. Something cool. (I'm quite in love with it. Head over heels. So far.)

Katie said...

Sounds good. I'll have to go pick it up and check it out. Well its okay if you don't read my selections. I mean I read all of yours, but you know... whatever. ;-)