Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Am Encouraged

I am encouraged by the number of hawks there are still in the world. I've just seen a lot of them recently, and been kind of surprised by that and very pleased. I think from all the nature videos I watched when I was little, I thought that all the good things were gone. But they're not! And that's cool.*

I am also comforted by the fact that sunlight is blue. And, on a similar note: that sunlight takes eight minutes to reach the earth. For some reason I find that fact very comforting as I stand with the sun on my face. It took eight, whole, leisurely minutes to get here, I think. I think the light is sauntering.

*And I even got to see a hawk up close the other day at Mt. Tabor park. It was sitting on a light pole, and I climbed up the fence as much as I dared to get close to it. It was actually pretty scary to be that close to a bird like that. But it was wonderful.

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Queen of Arrrts and England said...

Sauntering light! What a beautiful thought! I'm not suprised it came from you.

I saw lots of hawks yesterday to and from the library. I would love to have one. In fact, I'm pretty sure I asked for one for Christmas once.

You were right, I wish I could have been there when you saw the hawk up close.