Saturday, June 02, 2007

Alphabet You

Someone sent this A-to-Z quiz to me, and I thought it might be fun to post my answers up here (though I've changed some of the questions in order to better suit my tastes).

A] - AVAILABLE?: This is dumb. I'm changing it.
A]- ANY FAVORITE MOVIES?: Why, yes in fact, I'm so glad you asked. I like: The Incredibles, Citizen Kane, Babette's Feast, Star Wars IV The Empire Strikes Back, Lawrence of Arabia, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Casablanca, The Lord of the Rings, Not of this World, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sense and Sensibility, Serenity, Finding Nemo, Chariots of Fire, Ordet, Night of the Hunter, The Shawshank Redemption, Groundhog Day, Dairy of a Country Priest, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Signs, The Truman Show, It’s a Wonderful Life, Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest, Fiddler on the Roof, Singin’ in the Rain, The New World and A Room With a View.
B]- BIRTHDAY: 11-08-86 (By the way, I strongly dislike the dating system used in the United States. Few things about the country of my birth infuriate me more than our month/day/year dating system. Doesn't Europe's day/month/year make so much more sense? Seriously.)
C] - CRUSHING?: I'm not sure of a good question to replace this one with. Sounds like it was written by a Junior Higher. Let me get back to this one. Oh, okay, I have it:
C] - CDO YOU MISS ANYONE MORE THAN YOU CAN SAY?: Yes. Many people in fact. But one in particular, yes.
D] - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: A couple glasses of water. Before that, I was blessed enough to have some Passion Ice Tea from Tazo. My Mom made it for me.
E] - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: People with ears. Just kidding. Actually that's a really hard question to answer. I'll have to think about that. Wait, does God count? He's a really good listener.
F] - FAVORITE MUSIC GROUP: Over the Jars of Rhiny-Arcade Firey U2Clay
G] - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: I like gummy worms, but they're bad for my teeth. This is a really dumb question, by the way.
H]- HOMETOWN: Portland, Oregon (with smatterings of Slovakia, Ireland, Hungary and Tennessee thrown in).
I]- INSTRUMENT(s): This is a bad question too. It makes me feel bad. Does my soul count as an instrument? I have a lot of soul.
J] - JUICE: I really have no idea. I guess I'd say either grapefruit or cranberry. You didn't ask, but since we're talking about fruit, my favorite ice cream flavor is lemon. I haven't had it in a long time though.
K] - KILLED SOMEONE: Psychically, no.
L] - LONGEST CAR RIDE: I think it was probably the one my family took when we moved from Oregon to Georgia. We weren't in a hurry, so we took the long way: Up to Canada, through Yellow Stone and on down Georgia. That was a good trip. I was much smaller than I am now.
M] - MIXED FEELINGS ON: The term "dating" (or any related terms), pirates, zoos, eating meat, eating candy, Calvinism, cars, Coldplay, capitalizing diving pronouns, meeting in a church building, me (sometimes).
O] - ONE WISH: To have pure fellowship with God would be really nice. Can I ask for that?
P] - PERSON WHO CALLED YOU LAST: Successfully? My sister.
R] - REASONS TO SMILE: (See for reference, my "Grateful Tuesdays" posts.)
S] - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Just a few seconds of "Talk" by Coldplay then a little of "Elieen's Song", by Burlap to Cashmere. I know you didn't ask, but that song breaks my heart.
T] - TIME YOU WOKE UP: I'm embarrassed to say: 9:00.
U] - UNDERWEAR: Ewww! That's a gross question to ask someone. You should be embarrassed, Mister asker-person.
V]- VEGETABLE(S): I'm having trouble thinking right now of vegetables I don't like. I have trouble with okra sometimes.
W]- WORST HABIT: Is "not loving people" a habit?
X] - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Dude, you just asked that because you don't know any other words that start with "X". Get a dictionary, dude. Try this:
X] - XENOPHOBIC?: No! I think it must be a sin to be xenophobic, or at least to indulge in that fear. At the very least
Y] - YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL: I know this doesn't exactly relate, but I'd like to see a narwhal and a giant squid battling it out. Did you know that no giant squid has ever been found alive? Ohhh! OOOH! That would be sooo cool to see one alive! And sometimes giant squids and narwhals fight, did you know that? They've found narwhals with giant squid marks on them, isn't that cool?! [Update: as some unknown person pointed out, I'm totally wrong about the narwhal thing. The whale I'm thinking of is actually the sperm whale. Which stinks, because sperm whales totally aren't as cool as narwhals. Whatever. I can still write a story or something where a narwhal and a giant squid battle it out. It will good and cool and not factual at all.]
Z]- ZODIAC SIGN: Same deal with "X", buddy. You can do better. I know it. Try:
Z] - ZYGODACTYL?: No, in fact. All five of my toes on each of my feet point forward. None of them point backwards.


Thanks for reading, guys. I tag JD, Eucaristo, Eriol, Midsummer, Katie, The Queen of Arts and England, Why, Fidgit, QueenMum, PrincessSparkelpuff, Lukalos, Breaking Culture,


Fact Checking Nuisance Of A Dream Kille said...

It's actually Sperm whales that fight giant squid. Not narwhals. Although it would be amazingly cool to see a narwhal duke it out with a squid, what with the giant tusk and all.

wildflower* said...

that was HIGHLY entertaining, fk. i have a few questions for you reagarding some of your answers...
1. as a girl, i'm very intrigued by the fact that you like movies like pride & prejudice, babette's feast (yes, i've seen it!), sense & sensibility, and a room with a view. what is it about these generally femininely-liked movies, exactly, that draws you? pray, tell.
2. i'm also intrigued by your admittance that you miss someone more than you can say. you see, we girls without brothers rarely get a chance to peek into the inner thoughts of men, sad to say.
3. so you've lived in slovakia, hungary, and ireland? when? where? oh, DO tell!
4. regarding the instrument question. just a comment... i think what you said was very profound. it's a very deep thought and shows me that you've got a lot of depth to you, as well as sensitivity and, as you said, soul. girls like that, by the way.
5. mixed feelings about dating? how so? what is your position?
6. what are "capitalising diving pronouns?" forgive my ignorance, but i'm a science person.
7. another comment... i read the lyrics to "eileen's song." again, i respect a tender soul. songs like that touch me, too.
ok, i know i'm not the only one who has questions like this... fk, when you reveal this much about yourself, there's bound to be inquiries!
with great admiration,

wildflower* said...

something random...
i saw your movie "the chair" and noticed the european was played by joel clarkson... as in sally clarkson, his mother? funny... we have distant mutual friends. the clarksons are good friends with some of my good friends...
small world...

Foolish Knight said...

Hey wildflower, I forgot to tag you. Sorry! Consider yourself tagged.

About the movies, explaining the good I see in these movies would be good content for a post, as would also an exploration of the idea that some movies are "guy" movies and others are "girl" movies. I think I kind of have mixed feelings about this too. Why not just have everybody watch "good" movies? I could go on, but I think I should save all this for a future post. Good question! You've gone and got me all excited now.

I'm afraid I've never actually lived in Ireland (I see I didn't make this very clear in my post). It's more that I just felt at home when we visited there a few years ago. I have lived in all the other places listed there though. We served as missionaries for five years in Eastern Europe, living for about two and a half years in Slovakia and two and a half years in Hungary.

About number four: I was kind of joking about the "soul" comment. I wasn't trying to convey depth at all, more trying to poke fun at my sense of egotism (which is pretty massive, by the way). Believe me. That answer came more out of pride than anything else.

About number five: I don't really have mixed feelings on dating so much as the term "dating". It's just a weird word to me, at least when I have to use it for the relationship I'm in. Courtship is a nicer word, but I think it might be overused in some circles. (And not at all understood in others.)

About the "divine pronouns" one: Firstly: I misspelled the word "capitalizing" (which happens from time to time). I'm just talking about the question of whether or not, when referencing God, we should write "He said" or "he said". That's all. Frankly, I have trouble believing God really cares that much one way or the other.

Thanks so much for commenting, wildflower. I'm glad you found the post entertaining. I did, so it's good to know I'm not the only one. (More ego coming through, see?)