Friday, May 06, 2005

Note To Self:

Note to self,

Reply to those emails in the inbox, some of them have been sitting there for a while!

Talk about Eucharisto's demo songs that he sent, they sound great!

Relate 'The Story of the Weeping Computer'

Explain what'll be keeping you busy this week

Remember to tell your readers about the brake you took this week and why you haven't resently posted or responded to their comments.

Now that your brake is over respond to those comments and post something, anything, on 'Foolish Knight'!


JD said...

Look everyone! KoF is back!

stan said...

You can tell us about any of those recent Netflix choices, if you've seen any of them yet....

penny lane said...

after being M.I.A... to be truthful I didn't notice, I've been MIA a little myself.However,all my finals are done now and I made some good grades(some unexpectidly good grades) and now I'm back!

eucharisto said...

Oh, good! You're back. I liked the part about the demo songs (naturally), and am looking forward to hearing about your week.