Friday, April 01, 2005

It's National Poetry Month, People!

So let's get cultured!

Do you write poetry? Post some! Do you have a link to some great poetry? Post it!

Can't do any of those things? Then just get cozy with some great poetry and a nice comfy chair, do something poetic!

For my part I'm going to support a local (very local) poet; my brother Eriol. He's just posted a new poem and I think it happens to be one of his best.

Take a look.


Queen Mum said...

I think you have been reading my mind! Before I started my blog, I was thinking poetry, Christ centered poetry or just Christian poetry. Even this morning, I was looking through poetry to post and then I find an actual invitation to do so. Write my own? I'm not sure I have tried..a challenge perhaps?

Foolish Knight said...

Yes, yes! A challenge! But remember to also read and comment on Eriol's poem, he needs some affirmation there.

JD said...

He needs affirmattion?
Let's pass the ammunition,
for the challenge of poems,
I'll write one about homes.

okay that was lame.

Foolish Knight said...

Lame indeed
But the words are freed
To live a better life
Beyond the world's strife

See JD? Two can play
at this game!
Of poetry so lame
Rhymes so tame
I blush in shame!

OK I think I'll stop it now, drop it now...


penny lane said...

I wish I could write
like the guys on this sight
but as you can see
intellegence is key
so I'll sit and think
and respond in a wink....

penny lane said...

hey do ya'll get an oldies station there? do ya'll get Tom Kent? because he just recorded me again .... he recorded me last week and I actually got to hear it! cool huh...anyways. back to the origianal question...

penny lane said...

Hey, where's your poetry Mr.blah,blah,blah it's poetry month?!?

Queen of Arts and England said...

Hmmm... I could post 'The Lady of Shalott' since I'm trying to memorize it, or maybe the like, 50 page long: 'In Memoriam A.H.H.', also by Tennyson (which I would like to give as a middle name to one of my sons). Who knows what kind of poetic things may happen, I guess we'll see!