Saturday, September 11, 2004

Bono and O' Reilly!

Here's the link.

I was not impressed with Mr. O' Reilly in this interview. Tell me what you thought.


eucharisto said...

I don't understand O'Reilly. Sometimes I feel like he verbally jousts with his guests just for the sake of argument. It's like if someone doesn't have something terribly controversial to say, he'll make it sound controversial anyway. I certainly don't think that Bono is someone who wants to bring down a politician, like Michael Moore (in which case verbal jousting is completely understandable), or someone who has put out a controversial movie, like Mel Gibson (which I still don't understand completely). He's just a man with a mission. And I have a suspicion that O'Reilly agrees with him anyway.
Oh well. I still like seeing Bono in interviews. So I guess that makes up for O'Reilly's incomprehensible tactics in on-screen.
Before I go, by the way, I like the music updates. Keep it up!

eucharisto said...

Bill O'Reilly is a living contradiction. First, gets defensive with Bono by saying that Americans give more than anybody else, and that we really are generous, then later, he turns tables and says that all of the money we give to certain African Missions never gets to Africa (implying that it is stolen by insiders, and points to an African AIDs mission from the 80's), and that that proves that there is no reason to give to Africa. He then proceeds to say that Africans are irresponsible, and nothing we do can help them, and they'll never change. Then, just as promptly, O'Reilly turns around again and says that Bono is doing a great deed and that he greatly admires him. It seems to me that it's not just arguing for the sake of argument. He just likes arguing with himself.
I will conceed, there are lots of moments when I truely enjoy O'Reilly's sharp wit, like when he dealt with Michael Moore's rash claims, and irresponsible and out of date accusations. I had a lot of fun seeing O'Reilly break Moore down to simply base insults against Bush and O'Reilly himself. It shows O'Reilly at his finest, when he's debating with liberals. But conservatives watch out. He may seem to be less liberal than most, but it seems that he is an equal opportunist with all political parties and people when it comes to finding tension in any belief.